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Pedal Python

Pedal Python wraps around your cables to transform them into a slick, custom cable snake for an affordable price.

Pedal Python™ was originally designed by founder, owner, inventor and local musician Kevin Wasmer in 2010 for his own guitar pedalboard. By 2012 it had become so much more: an ultra lightweight, flexible, sleek, customizable, durable, reusable, compatible, easy to use, and affordable cable management solution for stage, studio, home or office. Since that time, thousands and thousands have been sold worldwide.


Video Production
Social Media
As a true DIY artist, Kevin had handled a lot of his product promotion himself, with the help of friends along the way. As sales rose and attention began to focus on Pedal Python, the need for promotional material not only for potential buyers, but potential retailers became apparent. This led him to reach out to Height Media.

What they're saying...

Pedal Python partnered with Height Media to take our product's marketing media to the next level. Having them on our team was vital when we needed to take the video content for our website to a global audience. We could not have done it without them!
Kevin Wasmer | Pedal Python

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