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Super Easy Green Screen Removal | DaVinci Resolve

We couldn't find steps for removing a green screen with no cropping, using DaVinci Resolve and the 3D Keyer. Eventually, we realized that we could do it all in the color tab. This made it super easy. We hope this helps.


Hello everybody. I'm Josh, and today we're going to learn how to key a green screen, take that image, and move it around the screen without cropping it. I had to do a couple different tutorials to try and figure this out, and this is the way I do it. Hopefully this helps.

The following text is taken from the video above, which also contains closed captioning if needed.

How It's Done

This is pretty easy, so it just takes a couple of steps:
1. First of all, I'm going to bring in this footage. It's a picture and a green screen that we've already cut. We're going to take this and drag it into the timeline. Then I'm going to take this picture and put it underneath.
2. There we go. We're going to find our little hero image, and go to the Color tab.
3. Now that we're on the color palette, we're going to look for the 3D Keyer. We're going to drag that on top of the node.
4. Select the picker and drag it all over this green area. What that does is remove that layer.
5. Add an alpha output and connect it. As you can see, it takes away the background.
6. To clean it up just a bit, I take this to despiller and put it up to about 75% so it looks pretty clean.
7. If we go back to the edit tab and bring this down in size, it crops everything. 
8. We don't want that, so we go back to the color tab and add another serial node using Option + S. Then we change this output to feature both.
9. Place a mask on this secondary serial node, bring down the softness of the edges and pull up the footage.
Green Screen Screenshot 9
10. If we go back to the Edit tab now, we are able to edit this in any way we want to.
Green Screen Screenshot
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