Knob Hill Landscape Co.

Knob Hill Landscape Company is the premier Landscape & Pool Design Company in Central Illinois.

Where it Started

With nearly four decades of industry experience, Knob Hill Landscape Company creates a visionary approach to outdoor design. Their services include pool construction & design, outdoor living fixtures, patios, hardscapes, other natural stonework features, and general landscaping.

Where the Website Was

Five years ago, Knob Hill had a basic website and were attempting to run their own social media along with the demands of a heavy landscaping company workload. This left social media sparse and caused their website to fall behind in options, representation and in changing technology.

What they're saying...

Highly recommend Height Media for all your website and video needs. They are very easy and enjoyable to work with. You will not be disappointed.
Landon Kirby | Knob Hill Landscape Co.
Knob Hill Athens Pool House 2
Knob Hill Athens Pool House 3

The Solution

With the amount of industry experience that Knob Hill had, there was a high demand for landscaping design and beautiful work was continuing to be accomplished, but their website and social media wasn't telling this story, offering the options needed for their customers, or representing the Knob Hill brand.

This led them to reach out to Height Media.

Height Media's expert staff was able to meet with Knob Hill staff, gather updated information, photograph many beautiful designs and projects, create engaging video for marketing strategies, and design and build a website that brought the online representation of the company back to the standard it deserved. Knob Hill now has a fully functioning over 20-page website that tells a story, offers many options, and works well on different devices, reflecting the integrity of their brand.

The Height Media Solution

Has your website or social media fallen behind technology and your brand? This is where Height Media delivers. Contact us today to bring your website to the standard it belongs.

We offer digital marketing, video production, web development and other creative services. We are a one stop shop to reach more customers and bring life to your brand. 
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We’re Height Media, a full service creative agency dedicated to remarkable digital content.
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