IMCO Utility Supply

IMCO Utility Supply Company is one of the largest independently owned water and sewer suppliers in the Midwest.
IMCO Website

Where it Started

Illinois Meter, Inc. was founded in Springfield, IL in 1957, and purchased by the Sheley family in 1985. What started in a small warehouse in a residential area in Springfield has grown into five locations throughout central and southern Illinois, with one location in St. Louis, Missouri. Illinois Meter was rebranded IMCO Utility Supply Company in 2002 with the opening of its Missouri location.

Where the Website Was

IMCO created a small website sometime after they rebranded in 2002. This was a basic website meant to share contact information. The site remained static through their growth over the next several years, falling behind as technology changed.

What they're saying...

Height Media was extremely helpful with our website from the start, all the way to the finished product, and we couldn’t be happier with the way it looks!
Jason Cozadd | IMCO Supply

The Solution

There is a high volume need for quality products from lead manufacturers, as well as linestopping and tapping services. When it comes to utility contractors, IMCO is well known for quality products, expansive inventory, fast delivery, and knowledgeable technicians that are available 24 hours a day.

The state of their website wasn't reflecting the correct image of IMCO, or the importance of their products and services.  This led them to Height Media.

Height Media's experts were able to meet with IMCO staff, gather updated information, photograph IMCO headquarters and their products, design and build a website that brought the online representation of the company back to the standard it deserved. IMCO now has a fully functioning 8-page website that works well on different devices and reflects the integrity of their brand.

The Height Media Solution

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