Cured Catering

Relying on skills honed in over 20 years of management, hospitality and special event services, the Reillys set out to create a fusion of fresh and interesting foods with artistic and engaging displays. The result was Cured Catering.
Cured Catering

Where it Started

Brian and Melissa Reilly started Cured Catering in 2017, using the philosophy " Catering doesn't have to be boring, and it shouldn't be". They were able to  create something different; a company that takes a fresh approach to the often stale catering market. The core of Cured Catering is great food, sourced locally and made from scratch. 

Where the Website Was

Brian first spent days learning how to build a website, and being very detail-oriented, tweaked it until it was exactly what he wanted. After a couple years, industry technology was surpassing what Brian had created. This led him to Height Media.

What they're saying...

Josh and his team came in and crafted a website based on the feel of what I had made myself, making it 100 times better, more fluid, more functional, and more artistic. I can’t give Josh and his company enough praise. They’ve also done incredible media and videos for our business that is so far above anything else I’ve seen in our market. 100% give them a try and you will not be disappointed.
Brian Reilly | Cured Catering

The Solution

After acquiring two other catering companies that were incorporated into Cured Catering, the Reillys found they were filling up quickly with events and the need for a more functional website was clear.

Brian had put in a lot of work, creating a website that contained the information his audience required. It was up to Height Media to take that idea and expand on it, both in technology and artistry.

Height Media's experts were able to meet with Brian, gather updated information, photograph and video beautiful Cured Catering displays, and design and build a website that incorporated Brian's ideas as well as industry standards. Cured Catering now has a fully functioning 6-page website that works well on different devices and reflects the integrity of their brand.

The Height Media Solution

Has your website or social media fallen behind technology and your brand? This is where Height Media delivers. Contact us today to bring your website to the standard it belongs.

We offer digital marketing, video production, web development and other creative services. We are a one stop shop to reach more customers and bring life to your brand. 
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We’re Height Media, a full service creative agency dedicated to remarkable digital content.
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